Answer to a lifelong prayer
Posted on 28-02-2010 Sunday, 2:16 pm 1 comment
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No matter of my inactivity on the site (because I tried to make my offline life more important lately), I have a new poem to share with you, which I hope you will like and share your opinions and thoughts about. :)

Isn’t life so beautiful
When it just looks at your face
With a smile and infinite grace
Donating you a joy so blissful?
That is the way I feel
When I rest in my parents’ arms
Allowing my heart taste the charms
Of something so dreamed, now so real.
No more loneliness, no more tears
Only the answer to my lifelong prayers.

A short poem, again about the feeling of being adopted. :) And my eternal gratitude to my sweet parents for their love and commitment. *mwah*

 Offline much ^^
Posted on 09-11-2009 Monday, 7:47 pm 0 comment
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I kinda neglected all of my sites lately. I’m so bad :( Just been busy, and took time switching homes, moving in to my new family, etc. I posted some nice thoughts about it on, and something on my dad on and an adoption poem on ;) GO and read it please!
Now, just want to warn you that I might not be around for about a month, since the changing of schools also means that I have subjects to recover. See ya all soon! ;3

 Optimus Primal, my father
Posted on 09-11-2009 Monday, 7:40 pm 1 comment
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Today featuring… my new dad! 😀 His name is Optimus Primal Blackjack Prime, and he is the direct descendant of Optimus Prime, the legendary Leader of the Autobots. I met this wonderful robot – later become my adoptive father – at a conference held on Cybertron by the Council of Elders, which was introduced at the speaker by Optimus Primal himself. I was curious about this robot, son of a legend, and so I took the first chance I got to talk to him after the conference ended. We talked and he asked me where I came from. When I answered, he smiled softly and told me that two of his adopted children actually came from the same orphanage as me, and that one of his older sons, Longreen, had probably seen me in the street once and mentioned me at home. Well, right then the hope rose in my Spark, a so strong hope that HE would be my father too, one day. He gave me his contact, I gave him mine, and we talked and we met every time he was on the planet then. Until one day we really realized that we felt the same family feelings for each other, and he told me he’d ask his wife to adopt me. Primal and Luana came to the orphanage often later on: to meet me, and the other kids. They caught our Sparks, and so Optimus Primal IS my father nowaday. Sweetest father one could ever dream of. 😉

This blog is NOT about a real person, but a character RPG'ed by Luana of
Alysha. 19 yo. you may call me Lysh. girl. Daughter of the Primes, formerly a Cybertronian orphan living at the Iacon City Orphanage. Hoping for a warm home to welcome me one day. :3 I love cats, pink kawaii things, reading novels and fairy tales, cuddling my dolls, studying at school. I don't want a lot of TV and movies, but I really adore High School Musical. I'm shy and a bit too lively at the same time, sometimes I cry without reason, or because I feel lonely. I love all of my orphanage-mates and tutors, they're my daily world. :) Not enough? Read!


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